As hosts, it is our daily task to bring together diverse individuals. Our hospitality is honest, direct, and authentically warm.

This transforms CERVO into a lifestyle rather than just accommodation. Zermatt is no ordinary village, and CERVO is no ordinary hotel. With a strong connection to nature and a conscious approach to its resources, we implement a pioneering concept in hospitality through each team member.

Our Mountain Resort is a place where life unfolds. It serves as a source of inspiration and community, not only for our guests but also for our staff.

Whether in the winter or summer season, we offer various activities for our staff. Every two weeks, the Mountain Ashram is available for their use, hosting yoga and meditation sessions. Together, we hit the slopes or explore mountain trails on bikes. The "Staff Activities" are an integral part of our philosophy, providing our team members with opportunities to explore nature, acquire new skills, and create unforgettable experiences together.

Our diverse range of Staff Activities reflects the passions and interests of our staff. Whether they seek adrenaline rushes through Staff Climbing or an exciting scavenger hunt, wish to find inner peace through yoga and meditation, or desire to discover the natural beauty of the region on a grape variety hike or snowshoe excursion – there's something suitable for everyone here.

Fondue and Sledding Get-Together

Towards the end of January 2024, 14 employees gathered for a heartwarming Fondue and Sledding get-together at Furi in the cozy Restaurant Gitz Gädi. The evening was not only characterized by delightful fondue but also provided an opportunity for individuals to engage in relaxed conversations and share moments together. Following the convivial gathering at Furi, another highlight unfolded as they collectively embarked on an enjoyable sledding adventure down to the village.

Team Excursion to Varonier Winery

A new experience was the staff activity at Andy Varonier's winery. An excursion with a guided tour and wine tasting to gain a deeper understanding of the winery. In Varen, they immersed themselves in the fascinating world of C. Varonier & Sons Winery. During the tasting, we had the opportunity to sample a variety of wines, including.

Excursion to Cervinia

A part of our CERVO family had the special pleasure of visiting the new 3S lift after its official opening. The cable car ride not only offered impressive views but also provided a unique opportunity to cross the border into Italy. After traversing the Theodul Glacier, the team reached the Italian village of Cervinia. There, they enjoyed the midday sun together and took time for a leisurely lunch.

CERVO Staff Night

The Staff Night has also become a tradition. At the beginning of the year, the CERVO management stands behind the raclette grill, serving the finest Ferdinand cheese paired with wine.

It is moments like these that bind our CERVO family together. Learn more about our culture, including events, family, and much more.