CERVO and Breitling - like two pieces of a puzzle that belong together. The shared passion for exploring combined with traditional values makes the partnership perfect. The two companies share a deep awareness of highest quality and authenticity.

Top Time CERVO Limited Edition

To celebrate the partnership, Breitling has launched a limited series: the Top Time Cervo Limited Edition - in line with the CERVO guiding principle of “Beyond Exploring”. With its unique style, the Breitling Top Time Cervo appeals to men and women who appreciate its combination of design, history, and extraordinary chronograph performance. The model is limited to 54 timepieces, representing the 54 rooms and suites at CERVO. A timepiece for dynamic people who care about action, functionality and style, the Top Time Cervo celebrates the freedom to explore the world in your own way and at your own pace. The watch is a nod to Breitling’s original from the 1960s and a true tribute to the nomadic spirit.

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The Partnership

Firmly anchored in the unique nature, the CERVO Mountain Resort is the gateway to the mystical mountain world of the Alps. Zermatt has always been a place for adventurers, pioneers and explorers. The CERVO picks up on this esprit and translates it into a forward-looking concept of the hotel industry.

This pioneering spirit is also deeply rooted in Breitling’s history and has played a key role in the brand’s development over more than a century. As part of the partnership, CERVO and Breitling pursue the mission of bringing the lifestyle and values of the modern adventurer to the world.