Understated design
Balanced architecture

Ritual room

The ritual room reflects the infinite width of the landscape.

The room

The reduced architecture of the ritual room provides a calming influence on the flow and promotes awareness of the moment. Its acoustic quality intensifies the effect of the singing bowl meditations. Also, the flexible interior allows the room to be used in a variety of ways. If not outside on the yoga deck under the open sky, meditations and yoga classes take place here.


The accessories

The material for the group as well as private classes can be borrowed from the hotel. With the mats and tools from Jade Yoga, the environment is protected and the yoga and meditation practice is twice as fun.


The occassions

The relaxed atmosphere is also the ideal setting for get togethers with friends or work colleagues. Movie nights or readings also take place in the ritual room - lying in a beanbag it is much easier to listen attentively.

Weekly programme