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Miloo at CERVO


Zermatt is car free but to walk from CERVO to some other places in town it still takes a while. And even though there would be taxis available, catching some fresh air would be nice too, no? That’s why we now have two bikes from Miloo for our guests to use and to get from A to B without having to walk. Even in winter with snow on the roads the bikes are steady and safe as you would be on foot – but way faster! We don’t want to miss it, to let Miloo introduce themselves to you – keep on reading.

Miloo Bike at CERVO

Time has come to discover Zermatt with a fun and local touch, thanks to the Swiss and premium electric Beasts of Miloo! Freely visit Zermatt on two-wheels with EXTRA capable e-bikes that are designed for more stability and comfort, while experiencing the best vehicles tomorrow’s mobility has to offer.

With a „go the extra mile“-attitude, the CERVO Mountain Resort and Miloo decided to partner and to convey guests to experience premium e-bikes, gathering the latest innovations in the industry. Created to disrupt the world of commuting, the Miloo Beasts never back down and yet they allow you to travel safely all year round, on any kind of surface and even on snow, with a special taste for adventure.

What makes Miloo one of the best e-mobility partners? Well, in 2020 they unveiled the so-called BEASTS, two ground-breaking e-bike models: the Classy Beast 25 km/h and the Mighty Beast 45 km/h. Both models are equipped with the latest innovations in the industry. Among these innovations you will discover: Fat tires (for more comfort and more stability), a Double-Battery System (providing a lengthy riding autonomy), the choice between a chain system or a belt-drive system (anti-derailing device that requires less maintenance), or safety options such as blinkers, side-mirrors, a horn and a powerful lighting device that gets triggered while breaking.

Miloo bike business

Anna Bory and Daniel Van Den Berg, the company’s thirty-something founders, have explored many of the world’s biggest cities on two wheels, from Beijing to Los Angeles, and tested ever type of electric vehicle on the market. They were amazed at the speed of innovation in Asia – and terrified by its traffic! Their observations of the way big cities are evolving, combined with their experience in the car industry, got them thinking about the role of connected vehicles for the future of mobility.

Life’s too short to be stuck in traffic every day! Getting around your city should be a moment of freedom, of fun, with cool air on your face and no fear. Whatever the conditions, whatever your agenda, however much stuff you have to carry with you. The future of mobility in cities is not about sitting in a car, forget that! It’s about being on two wheels, connected, able, powerful and safe. The Miloo beasts were designed with all that in mind.

Miloo Bike at the lake

Miloo’s mission is to disrupt the uninviting and uninspiring world of commuting. And to get us there, they’re introducing hybrid fatbikes that are made for everyday commuting, but also to fulfill our taste for adventure. Fatbikes celebrate the power of fat tires, which make all your past bike riding experiences obsolete. Indeed, fat tires embrace our need for comfort and safety through increased tire-to-road adhesion capabilities. Either you’re going for a ride in the city, the mountains or the countryside, on slick, bumpy, uneven or paved roads, your mind will be at peace.

As for 2022, the brand is introducing brand new models that address the company’s ambition to provide e-bike concepts for every profile. Personalisation will be a central focus and customers will find the perfect match no matter their size, height, weight or level riding a bike.

Miloo bike and woman

Friends of the brand and customers, quotes :

„The mighty beast is a new addition to my 2-wheels passion and my first 45km/h electric bike. I like the cool custom designed look and the fact that it is assembled here in Switzerland. My son and I are enjoying it everyday!” – Renaud Litré, Cartier International Commercial Director

« It was love at first sight with Miloo, for its safety and its aesthetic. Innovation is something really important for me and Miloo is the perfect example of it.”  – Reinold Geiger, chairman and CEO of L’Occitane Group

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