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Anyone who has ever eaten in one of our restaurants can testify: we only process the best products in order to be able to serve our guests the best dishes. One of our valued partners and suppliers for years is Fideco. They recently visited us and looked over the shoulders of our chefs, shooting great films in the process. Watch the videos and read more from Fideco themselves.

The love of high-quality products is in our blood. We love what we do. And we love good food and the preparation of it. The perfect basis for passing on this love to our customers day after day.

And these are very diverse - but above all it is the chefs with whom we are in contact and exchange every day. We, Fideco AG, want to bring the variety of our products closer to our customers every day with know-how and passion. It helps a lot that we have many former chefs working for us, who can now live on and pass on their passion for high-quality food and excellent food at Fideco AG. One of them is our salesman Patric Méroz.

Patric has already been working for Fideco for seven years. The trained chef has worked in the 5 star gastronomy and was able to live out his creativity in the kitchen in various restaurants in Switzerland and enchant the guests with his dishes. In 2014, Patric then decided to change sides to join Fideco as a salesman. His experience as a chef is super helpful here! He can put himself in the shoes of the restaurateurs and chefs - knows what everyday life is like in the kitchen and how great the love of food and cooking can be. This commonality connects him to our customers. For Patric, working with restaurateurs is "a give and take" and is incredibly fun for him. Especially because he can still stand with one foot in the kitchen when he meets with customers in person and also philosophizes with them about food after hours and they test the delicacies of the house together.

The Fideco AG was founded in the year 1987. At that time, a Comestible dealer took over and found a gap in the market with the new concept: a well-rounded range and high-quality products, supported by first-class customer service. In the early days, the products were packed in a backyard storage room in Bern - today, about 2,000 customers are supplied from our headquarters in Murten. Our customers include well-known catering businesses and à la carte restaurants, as well as staff restaurants, homes, hospitals, resellers and hotels.

We are constantly developing our assortment. We started with fish and poultry - today our offer includes over 6,000 products from various origins and categories such as dairy, fruits and vegetables, Asia and Orient, patisserie and bakery. And, of course, still meat, fish and seafood! When selecting our products, one thing is particularly important to us: high quality and safety of food. We also pay attention to regionality and animal welfare. External awards such as the organic certificate, the MSC certificate and the ASC certificate confirm to our customers and consumers the regular quality control of our food. Safety of the products in our range is extremely important to us. To be able to guarantee the freshness of the food, we deliver six days a week - from Monday to Saturday. Moreover, our customers can place their orders with us until late in the evening, which will be delivered fresh the next day.

We are also very happy to visit our customers on site. Being close to them and conveying understanding is very important to us. That's why we launched the "Fideco Meets Chefs" project last year, where we visit our customers in their kitchens and look over their shoulders as they cook with our products. We were also able to give connoisseurs a glimpse behind the scenes with Davide and Marius from CERVO.

Davide Cretoni is the head chef at Madre Nostra, where he combines classic and modern Italian cuisine, with respect for nature and the environment. Sustainability, regional and high-quality products play an extremely important role in his restaurant - but also in the entire CERVO Mountain Resort. For us, the native of Rome prepared an excellent veal carrée, which comes directly from the region. Together with classic ingredients of Italian cuisine such as rocket, parmesan and tomatoes, Davide rounded off the dish perfectly.

Film Madre Nostra

Marius Kinsler is the head chef of the restaurant Bazaar. Here, the cuisine is exclusively vegetarian, with a focus on Moroccan and Indian creations. Shortly after his apprenticeship, Marius Kinsler came to Switzerland and has already worked there for several years in the upscale gastronomy. To get new inspiration for his oriental dishes, he would very much like to experience one or two more trips to the faraway regions. For us there was a Manakish Muhammara, eggplant from the grill and homemade hummus from Marius.

Film Bazaar

Thank you very much for letting us be your guests!

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