During your stay

We pay attention to these points during your stay.


  • Drivers and guests must wear masks when driving.

  • The driver disinfects the electric car after each arrival or departure with a disinfection and textile disinfection spray.

  • In the electric car there is a plexiglass panel that physically separates the driver from the guests.

  • Only one group of guests is transported per trip.

  • Hand disinfectant is available in the guest and driver area.

  • Gloves and protective masks are available in the driver’s area.

  • Guests’ luggage is only handled with gloves, which are then disposed in a closed container.

  • The chairs are disinfected after each check in or check out.

  • We enter the room only when requested by the guest, for possible explanations of the installations.

  • Key cards are disinfected after each check out and before each check in.

  • Guests must sign the Covid 19 form when checking in.

Rooms & Suites

  • Masks and gloves are compulsory for the housekeeping.

  • Turn down service in the Alpinist and Huntsman rooms and daily cleaning in the Nomad rooms are only performed on request of the guests.

  • The guests’ personal belongings are touched as little as possible.

  • After each cleaning/disinfection of the rooms, the cleaning cloths are changed and the gloves are disposed of. The cleaning cloths are put into a closable container.

  • After each cleaning, the room is sealed with tape and may not be entered by anyone except, of course, the guest.

  • Door handles, railings to and in the lodges are regularly disinfected.

  • The offices are disinfected after each shift.