Public Areas

We are committed to the following points in all public areas.

  • Access to CERVO is denied to anyone who feels ill.

  • Everyone who enters CERVO must wash and disinfect their hands.

  • In all closed rooms where one is not alone, masks are mandatory.

  • Every guest must wear a protective mask and this mask may only be taken off when sitting and eating or drinking. If a guest moves during the establishment, the mask must be put on again.

  • Groups of guests must keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters between each other, unless separating elements are used (fabric walls, plexiglass, etc.). This also applies to restrooms and when queuing.

  • In the front and back areas of the CERVO, sufficient detergents and disinfectants are provided.

  • All installations that are touched by several employees and/or guests are cleaned and disinfected at least twice an hour (door handles, telephones, coffee machines, cash registers, etc.).

  • Restrooms are cleaned and disinfected at least twice an hour.

  • We ensure regular and sufficient air circulation in the various areas and rooms, specifically before the respective service times.

  • Physical contact (shaking hands, hugs) is avoided. Greetings are only made with the elbow, if wanted.