yoga, mediation & activities

True care sees body and mind in harmony. The balance of relaxation and activity is central to a holistic well-being. Meditation, Pilates and Yoga in Zermatt - balance inside and out. The calming environment of our Mountain Ashram Spa is at your disposal. Enjoy meditation and yoga in our hotel in the Alps under professional guidance.

Sessions according to your needs

Regular sound meditations and yoga sessions in our hotel provide balance. In addition to the holistic program of individual treatments, self-guided care of the body and mind should not be neglected. Whether in a group or privately, in our hotel the yoga and meditation offers are specially tailored to the wishes of our guests.

Holistic program

Each week a new program is created for guests to participate in. From sound meditations to yoga flows to more strenuous pilates sessions, everyone gets something out of it. The classes take place outside on one of the yoga decks or in the relaxing Ritual Room.

Yoga in the Alps

At CERVO we teach you a variety of yoga styles, starting with traditional Hatha Yoga and flowing Vinyasa Yoga. In Yin Yoga, long held postures stimulate your meridians. Iyengar Yoga and Yoga Nidra are also carefully guided.


The invigorating Pilates sessions at CERVO train both the body and the mind. Feel how the workout improves your posture and strength through gentle but challenging movements. Professional instruction ensures safe and effective execution.


Singing bowl meditation has a long history. Get into the harmonic vibrations and learn to let go. Also the other meditation sessions with us in Zermatt in the middle of the Alps help you to arrive at yourself and to be present in your environment.

Activities at CERVO

As a guest of CERVO Mountain Resort, you can take part in all the offers of our weekly programme free of charge. You can register directly on site, or before your arrival via email. The current programme of the week can be found in our eConcierge, which you can access via the link in your welcome email or on the tablet in your hotel room, or on this page.. External guests pay CHF 15 for 30min, CHF 25 for 60min and CHF 35 90min.

Yoga under professional guidance

Yoga is the relationship established between the body, the mind and the breath. It is freedom and letting go. We are here to help you find that relaxation so you can move through life comfortably and competently with an open heart, a relaxed mind and a healthy body.


Ann-Kathrin Brüggemeier, spa manager, started her yoga journey at the age of 23. Since then, yoga has been a part of her life.

“My yoga practice has helped me become stronger, more flexible and fearless, both on and off the mat. Yoga inspires me to live each moment more mindfully. In my classes, I like to combine creative sequences with a dose of inspiration to help my students deepen their practice.“



Maria Santurde, Yoga teacher and spa therapist, began her spiritual journey at the age of 13 and has not stopped practicing since. At the age of 23 she moved to India to further her physical and spiritual growth.

“Sharing the path of yoga with devotion is my mission. I love practicing different types of yoga to be able to give my students exactly what they need. The classes I teach are educational and fun, with a touch of playfulness.“



Manuela Schmid, Yoga teacher and spa therapist, has been practicing yoga since she was 23 years old and is a very passionate yoga teacher.

“Breathing is the most important thing for me, it is the first thing you did when you were born and the last thing you will do. Which means that if you can control your breath, you can control your thoughts, your feelings and your senses.“