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Holistic Spa

Different bathing spots are distributed over the grounds of the Mountain Ashram. You reach them via different paths, choose your route each time and discover something new every time.

The flow begins in a steam bath that starts with moderate temperatures for acclimatization. From there, our guests move at their own pace through the spa, landing at the great Onsen, which is inspired by Japan’s centuries-old bathing tradition. It offers an unobstructed view of the Matterhorn. The large infinity pool feeds the small waterfall. Defined by the rushing water in summer and the iced current in winter its impression is different each time.

The next stop is the sauna, where well-being, health and relaxation get a boost by the alternating baths in the hot wooden room and cooling pools. Regularly, infusions with essential oils from local herbs take place allowing Zermatt’s nature to flow in. The same herbs can then be enjoyed in the tea yurt.

Another highlight is the slightly secluded wooden hut, surrounded by trees, where an exclusive Bhutanese bath can be booked. The perfect place to enjoy peace and quiet.

In October 2021, the Mountain Ashram Spa was awarded “Best holistic Spa in Switzerland 2021” by the International Spa & Beauty Award.