Tobi Dei


Après Ski with Tobi Dei.


Tobi Dei is that cheeky kind of guy that offers you a ride on a bumpy road with a clever smile. His destination is unknown, but his starting point was the indescribable circus of a nightclub in Berlin: Sisyphos. Tobi’s fabulous musical journeys as a DJ are fantastic varied excursions, deftly curated sound-voyages…from fast lanes in the heat of rush hour (pulsing, energetic electronics) to the hidden paths of obscure after hour states. (exquisite record-collecting gems) You can never quite know what’s in store for you with a Tobi Dei performance, however, you can be sure that the next track is an incredible and unexpected surprise putting that irresistible pep in your step!


Please note that also on our terraces a covid certificate is mandatory!

15:00 – 18:00
DJ set on the Ferdinand terrace