Nikoleta Nikisianli


Nikoleta is a passionate yogini who, like most, initially came to yoga through the physical aspect. With her first teacher training in hatha and vinyasa yoga, she got to know and appreciate the yoga philosophy, as well as the meaning and benefits of meditation. Since then, yoga has grown into a companion that doesn’t just happen on the mat. She specializes in teaching gentle yoga styles such as yin yoga, tantra yoga and gentle flows and likes to incorporate breathing exercises and meditations in her classes to completely pamper and relax body and mind. In addition, she is a Thai-Yoga massage practitioner and has a great passion for food and cooking. She is an Ayurveda nutrition coach and offers Ayurveda consultations and cooking courses.

Vinyasa flow classes are more dynamic in nature, the movement between the postures is more fluent and options are given for practicing more advanced postures. Expect your heartbeat to increase, your muscles to get toned and strengthened and to feel activated and grounded for the rest of the day.

Hatha Yoga & Meditation: A class that gives space to body and mind. In the first hour the focus is on the physical exercises. After a comprehensive warm-up we flow through yoga positions that strengthen and open the body. The last half hour is dedicated to the final meditation. Body and mind are prepared step by step through relaxation techniques and we practice a mindfulness meditation.

08:00 – 09:30
Vinyasa Yoga Flow
16:00 – 17:30
Hatha Yoga & Meditation