Herbal Walk


Loving the outdoors and all things green, from a very young age Fieke was drawn to nature and its gifts; going for forest walks and observing wild mushrooms in her native Belgium was without a doubt her favourite activity. She offers weekly herbal walking tours where she teaches about the local medicinal and edible plants in Zermatt.

Get guided through the beautiful surrounding forest paths and learn to recognize, harvest and process a broad range of edible and medicinal plants.

Together with partners and members, the association “Wir sind Klima” is organising this year’s Climate Day. With a lot of love and commitment, various activities are being organised for the population: Open Day, workshops, city tours, film evenings, flickkafis, swap exchanges and much more. We are proud to be part of the Climate Day with our commitment. You can find more information at www.klimatag.ch/Programm


Please contact the front office for further information by phone +41 27 968 12 12 or by email to beyond@cervo.swiss.

09:30 – 12:00
Cooperation with the Climate Day