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Young! Sexy! Zermatt!


Young! Sexy! Zermatt! brings together aspiring, creative young chefs from Zermatt to create an extraordinary and delicious 5-course menu in one evening.

This year, the event features the participation of two mountain restaurants, Paradise and Marmo, with chefs Markus Pössenberger and Sergio Grand, along with Brasserie Emma led by Hannes Urban, and the culinary minds of CERVO, Max Vetter from Bazaar, and Gaia Bongiorno from La Piscina Pop-up.

Zermatt, the Culinary Champions League

Zermatt, the culinary hub, or as Markus Pössenberger from Paradise calls it, the “culinary Champions League." The chef, who began his culinary career in Zermatt over ten years ago, emphasizes that this mountain village at the foot of the Matterhorn provides the perfect breeding ground for young talents. "The high gastronomic level motivates us to be more proactive, creative, and overall better," says Pössenberger.

Sergio Grand, the youngest participant from the mountain restaurant Marmo, agrees with this sentiment with his entire team. He underwent his training, like Markus Pössenberger, in Zermatt at a renowned hotel. "That early exposure to exquisite products shaped my approach," recalls Grand. This focus on a select few but high-quality ingredients is evident in the cuisine at Marmo.

Gaia Bongiorno, the talented chef with roots in Palermo, Sicily, shares this philosophy. Good local and seasonal products, along with consciously imported ingredients from Italy, play a central role in her kitchen. What she particularly appreciates about Zermatt is the opportunity it offers her as a young chef to create different dishes every day. This freedom to be creative, coupled with the appreciation for that creativity, is unique in Zermatt and allows her to evolve daily.

The Zermatt Nature as Motivation and Inspiration

Hannes Urban, who cooks at Brasserie Emma, is particularly fascinated by the nature of Zermatt. He reinterprets his grandmother's recipes with local ingredients. To cook as regionally as possible, he even goes on the hunt, picking fresh herbs directly in the Zermatt mountain world.

Max Vetter, our creative chef at Bazaar, brings a unique perspective to the culinary circle: "Curiosity was already the driving force behind my passion for cooking as a child," he reveals. Trends lose significance for him as he values implementing a consistent and healthy diet in his dishes. Zermatt has given him the unique opportunity to showcase his talent and assume the position of head chef. "Here, you find a fascinating blend of traditional Alpine cuisine and modern restaurants like Bazaar," he adds. As the crowning glory for YOUNG! SEXY! ZERMATT!, he has chosen a dessert that captures the essence of Zermatt for him: "It incorporates local ingredients and reminds me of the majestic mountains."

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