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"Women`s Matterhorn Retreat" - Unique - Magical - Powerful


21 June - 25 June 2023

Eva and Pia will take you into the powerful nature around the Matterhorn and accompany you on your unique journey to yourself during the transformative time of the summer solstice. A retreat like no other - a protected space where adventure, pleasure, inner reflection and luxury are allowed to gently flow into each other. You and your individual needs come first - so that you can pave the way to your true essence again - for an easier and more joyful life. You so deserve it!

Eva and Pia have created something great for women with their respective skills, professions and experiences. They are eager to share this added value more and more. That's why they developed the "Women's Matterhorn Retreat" - out of love for people, nature and pleasure.

If you feel empty, burnt out and without energy, your body sends you SOS signals in the form of symptoms of illness, you are plagued by fears, worries and insomnia, you always want to please everyone and forget yourself in the process, little things in everyday life throw you off track, you are caught in the constant hamster wheel, and feel that a CHANGE IS NEEDED NOW, then the "Women's Matterhorn Retreat" is just right for you!

Eva and Pia met and got to know each other during their training as "Systemic Masters" in Austria. You can find out more about the two retreat leaders on their homepage

Like their friendship, Zermatt, the Matterhorn and the CERVO Mountain Resort are unique. They stand for sustainability, exclusivity and love for the imposing nature of the Valais mountains. Authenticity, connection, relaxation, untamed nature, adventure, luxury and "letting your soul dangle" are just a few of the keywords they associate with Zermatt. A quick glance at the Matterhorn is often enough to leave a lasting impression. And those of you who have already had the pleasure of rewarding your own eyes with this sight know why Eva and Pia offer their retreat in this place: POWERFUL, UNIQUE and MAGICAL, the powerful mountain sets their exclusive retreat in a meaningful context. With the unbridled power and beauty of its nature, the Matterhorn metaphorically embodies exactly what Eva and Pia want to celebrate with you.

The 4-day retreat for a small exclusive group of maximum 10 women includes various highly effective tools that you can easily apply in your daily life. Breathwork and embodiment sessions that calm and strengthen body, soul and the entire nervous system. In addition, there are guided walks and hikes with unique self-awareness and journaling tools, visualisation journeys, energy work and meditations. Another highlight, is the unique opportunity to experience the summer solstice in a breathtaking atmosphere and celebrate transformation together. Just like the abseiling adventure in the Gorner Gorge, which is accompanied by local mountain guides from the ZERMATTERS. Eva and Pia know that you and the group will emerge stronger. This adventure will be an unforgettable experience for you!

However, the heart of the programme is the "systemic constellations". Here you can experience boundary-breaking solutions and healing on different levels. If you have never experienced such a constellation before, you will be deeply impressed by how emotions, energies and forces work together to the highest degree and for the benefit of all. All contents are individually and very sensitively built on each other - freely according to the motto: "Everything can, nothing must!" Relaxation, time for yourself and enjoyment in the extraordinary ambience of the CERVO are at least as important a part of the retreat as the active programme.

On their own social media channels Eva and Pia regularly share their knowledge, offer online constellations and inform about current offers. Feel free to jump into their private Facebook group "Women's Matterhorn Retreat - Your Online Hideway for More Self-Efficacy".

Book this unique and transformative retreat for the summer solstice 2023 now: or +41 79 711 45 91