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Sustainability behind the CERVO Bar


Sustainability in every corner of CERVO

Sustainability lies at the core of everything we do at CERVO, permeating every aspect of our hotel experience. Our team of Green Ambassadors exemplifies this commitment, infusing sustainability into every nook and cranny, from our guest rooms and dining offerings to our technical support team. We continuously strive to enhance our sustainability efforts, and among our dedicated Green Ambassadors stands Tristan, our Bar Manager, who goes above and beyond in crafting ingenious solutions.

Get to know Tristan

Known for his unwavering dedication to discovering inventive approaches, Tristan, like his fellow ambassadors, actively explores creative solutions. His expertise in repurposing kitchen leftovers and garden resources results in delightful cocktail ingredients and sustainable beverages.

As a bartender at CERVO since November 2022, he has been motivated by a lifelong aspiration to live independently and sustainably. This aligns perfectly with CERVO's sustainability theme, motivating him to make a positive impact. Despite the challenge of reconciling commercial and sustainable goals, Tristan's role as a sustainability ambassador in June marked the beginning of his innovative efforts.

A few cocktails

In his role, Tristan has leveraged the garden's resources, identified and utilized various plants for the bar, and meticulously planned to minimize food waste. His approach includes streamlining workflows, organizing information, and improving efficiency to reduce time wastage. Moreover, he collaborates with the kitchen to repurpose discarded ingredients, exploring preservation methods like dehydration, pickling, and fermentation. This commitment to sustainability extends to creating unique cocktails using ingredients that would otherwise go to waste, exemplified by the use of chickpea cooking liquid and pomegranate peel in cocktails.

Tristan's journey also involves the pursuit of locally sourced products and educating guests about the potential of sustainable living. He aims to offer guests an authentic, locally inspired experience, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to apply sustainable practices at home. While the project is in its early stages, it has already left a positive impression on guests, and the team plans to expand its outreach.

Tipps and Tricks to try at home

For those seeking sustainability tips at home, Tristan recommends experimenting with fermentation, using citrus zest to enhance flavors, and exploring sun-drying for concentrated flavors and longer storage. He also suggests using a neutral spirit as a tincture for preserving and extracting plant flavors and beneficial qualities.

Tristan's dedication and innovative spirit serve as a shining example of CERVO's commitment to sustainability. His efforts not only transform discarded ingredients into delightful concoctions but also inspire guests to embrace sustainable living practices. As we move forward, CERVO continues to be a beacon of sustainability, spreading awareness and encouraging positive change for a more wholesome and happy life.

Visit our bar in the Bazaar restaurant and try the cocktails from Tristan and his team.