Sustainability, Cervo

Sustainability at CERVO


The CERVO Mountain Resort is one of the leading sustainable Swiss hotels and has been a founding member of the Responsible Hotels of Switzerland since November 2021.

The hotel group unites the lead businesses of ecological and social sustainability. The member hotels are independent, characterful establishments in beautiful locations and of high quality.

As a founding member, CERVO sits on the group's board of directors, which is represented by Benjamin Dietsche, our Resort Manager.

"Our guests are as demanding as we are - they want to enjoy heartfelt, deprivation-free and responsible holidays. We want to provide a solution for guests with high standards of responsible travel."

When were Responsible Hotels of Switzerland founded and which star categories were included as founding members?
The hotel group has consisted of a diverse mix of stars since January 2022.

Who are among the founding members and what are the requirements for new members?
At the start of the cooperation, 26 Swiss hotel companies were members of the Responsible Hotels of Switzerland. Meanwhile, 33 hotels are part of the cooperation.

Interested hotels have to fulfil various admission criteria. They are all examined by the board. All members demonstrate excellence in a specific area of application, practice a pioneering role and celebrate the deprivation-free Lifestyle of Responsibility & Sustainability. All member hotels are characterised by a high level of guest satisfaction. Member hotels have or will achieve sustainability certification, strive for the highest level III of Swissstainable (Switzerland Tourism) and work with sustainability partners.

What is the long-term goal of the Responsible Hotels of Switzerland?
The goal is to reach a portfolio of 40-50 hotels in the medium term.

What about the demand for sustainable hotels (guest behaviour today)?
Sustainability is on the leap from the longing of a niche to a global matter of course.

Nature-based travel or ecotourism is one of the very big tourism growth trends. Euromonitor classifies the trend towards responsible consumption as one of the "Top 10 Global Consumer Trends". Slow travel is the name of the rapidly growing new tourism lifestyle, far away from package holidays, mass tourism and maximising experiences.

Eco-travellers are increasing in number and importance. The growth is strongly driven by the younger generations, especially Millenials.

Our research shows that there are around 40-60 hotels in Switzerland that are dedicated to the topic of sustainability to an above-average extent, invest specifically and comprehensively, have achieved a recognised sustainability certification and have developed and celebrate a sustainability philosophy. This does not include the international chain hotels.

(Source: Responsible Hotels of Switzerland)

What are the priorities of RHS for the next few years (growth, thematic areas, etc.)?
We want to offer the participating hotel businesses a showcase in which they can bundle and present their various exciting sustainability efforts.

Dialogue among each other is also important. At the networking events, the hotel businesses benefit from each other's know-how, exciting conversations take place and various ideas are exchanged among each other. Last but not least, we want to promote sustainability in the Swiss hotel industry and make new businesses aware of the various possibilities to accompany the Swiss hotel industry as a whole into sustainable development.


Are there similar associations in neighbouring countries and do the RSH also operate internationally?
The RHS are only active in Switzerland and only Swiss businesses are accepted into the cooperation.

Benjamin Dietsche joined CERVO's Executive Board in 2021 and came to the hotel industry via the traditional route; after a vocational apprenticeship in the hotel industry, he completed his training at the Swiss Hotel Management School.

During his career so far, he has held positions in various departments in the luxury hotel industry. Most recently, he worked for the prestigious hotel association Relais & Chateaux as Director for the DACH region.

Learn more about our commitment to sustainability on our website or from our media release "The CERVO in Zermatt as an eco leader among Swiss hotels".