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Interview with Dada Disco


As one of the highly anticipated highlights of our ‚Beyond Culture‘ program, CERVO is thrilled to welcome international dandys, superb party-starters, and all-around gentlemen, Dada Disco. These two French trailblazers, established and sophisticated dance DJs, and Alpine connoisseurs traveling to CERVO from their Berlin homebase, both Guillame and Denis embody the ethos of ‚Beyond Culture‘ as stedfast open-minded global explorers, gourmands, and critically: music taste-makers bringing a special boogie wherever they land.

DJs Dada Disco

From the dirty, endless-party, confetti-trenches of Berlin to pristine alpine outlooks, how does the Dada Disco music adapt to these disparate rooms and locations? What are your key ideas or philosophy behind the success and skills for bringing such elevated music all over the world?

Well, adaptation is for sure a key point, you obviously can’t exactly play the same music in the depths of the night of a Chinese megapolis and in the sunny afternoon at a Mexican beach!

But whatever the place our motto has always been to stay diverse, versatile and surprising. That’s what we borrowed from the Dada movement.

It’s also essential not to take yourself too seriously to stay fresh, and avoid your inspiration to be cannibalised by the environment.

So in the end you can play pristine Disco in a dark club, and dirty House at the top of a mountain!

DJs Dada Disco

‚Beyond Exploring‘ and ‚Beyond Culture‘ are key themes that are concepts and challenges for the guests to really come away from their time at Cervo with special heartfelt experiences both with inner spiritual growth, and some ecstatic memories of great sport, food, drink etc. What are you most excited to explore here in Zermatt? (Spa? Skiing? Wine-tasting?)

Let’s be honest, one of us is a dedicated skier and will probably spend most of his time exploring the surroundings mountains, let’s hope he makes it on time for the Apres-ski! Zermatt is apparently one of the top destination for skiing and freeride, we will for sure check this out!

More seriously, we’re thrilled to enjoy every aspects of Cervo. Food and wine will be particularly appreciated by our French palates, and the spa and other relaxing experiences will for sure cater for sweet Apres-ski and Apres-party moments 😉.

All of this sounds like a great occasion to immerse oneself in both nature and luxury, and completely disconnect form the city life!

DJs Dada Disco

Zermatt is a magical place, but it takes some effort to arrive up here at the top of the valley…What are the secrets to your happy and exciting travels, overcoming some of the challenges we face in the future as global citizens networking across Europe and the globe? What is a hope for 2022 with your future ‚exploring‘ ?

Well we don’t think that arriving in Zermatt is as hard as going to some places we played in Russia, China or India!

The main “secret”, which is obvious when you meet us, is that this project is primarily a story of friendship. We share the same interests in art, have the same curiosity about the world and cultures, and we always took the time in our travels to explore the country and meet the people. We take it as a game and an incredible luck to live what we live, so it’s been always easy and actually exciting to overcome all challenges you meet on the road.

But all this travelling has been seriously challenged by the current crisis, and more generally by the raise of the climatic concerns. We all had to go back to daily life, and a lot of the international DJs started questioning the model of the industry.

Now that things are slowly starting again, some would like to find a more balanced rhythm of life.

It’s hard to tell if it will make sense economically, but personally we wouldn’t mind spending more time involved in the local scene, having temporary residencies in certain regions of the world, or keeping travelling for certain periods of the year, touring on a slower pace, avoiding taking the plane – you get the idea. The home-airport-hotel-club-and-repeat model is probably soon over. We never liked it anyway 😉.

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