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Horu-Käserei in Zermatt


Regionality is very important to us and therefore we are very happy to count the Horu cheese dairy of Reto and Mirjam Gobba among our valuable partners. Their cheese dairy is located less than 400m away from our hotel. The cheese dairy supplies us regularly with high quality products, which we serve with pleasure to our guests. We are pleased to introduce you to the cheese dairy and its founders and owners. Mirjam sat down at the computer for us and wrote the following lines.

Reto macht Käse

Farming has always been a great passion of Reto. Since his youth, he has kept cows himself. At some point, the desire for independence began to stir in him and the idea arose to turn his hobby into a profession. At that time, all the milk produced in Zermatt was still brought to St.Niklaus every morning by train. We asked ourselves if it would not be possible to process the milk in Zermatt and thus also increase the appreciation.

We converted a garage in our premises into a small cheese dairy, underwent appropriate training, procured the necessary material and started in October 2004 with the first production of the "Horu-Mutschli", the Zermatt mountain cheese and the Zermatt yogurt. At the beginning, we only had the milk of our four own cows at our disposal. Relatively quickly we noticed that many local hosts were very interested in our Zermatt milk products. It was therefore absolutely necessary to get more milk in order to meet the constantly increasing demand.

Reto und Myriam machen Käse

After a few years, we were finally able to win over all the Zermatt milk producers. We expanded our range and produced additional mountain herb cheese, raclette, Ziger and developed a fondue house mix. We are proud to be able to process 100% pure Zermatt milk. Many guests are amazed when they learn that there are actually still dairy cows in Zermatt. At peak times, we process up to 600kg of milk daily. Every morning the farmers deliver the fresh milk directly to our cheese dairy, where we produce daily from mid-September to mid-June. The cows then spend the summer on the alp. This means that we have a short interruption of production in the village. We ourselves do not go to the alp, but use the two months to recharge our batteries and the opportunity to go on vacation for a few days.

Myriam Gobba mit Wheel of Fortune Moderatoren

We can now soon look back on eighteen years of successful business. We are proud of our company, but of course we also have to deal with ups and downs time and again. Fortunately, however, the positive experiences outweigh the negative ones and give us the strength to survive even the more challenging times. We can already look back on many great events. One of them was certainly the participation of our cheese dairy in the filming of the American television program "Wheel of Fortune" in May 2017. Already a few months before, we had to sign countless documents and give our consent to the American broadcaster for the recordings. The night before the shooting, two "security people" were actually posted in front of the cheese dairy. Early in the morning of the shooting day, countless electric cars drove up with an unimaginable amount of material. We couldn't get out of our amazement and were incredibly impressed by this enormous effort for the few minutes of broadcasting. On the neighboring terrace, they even draped their own food buffet. The madness! At some point, the two hosts of the show, Vanna White and Pat Sajak, also appeared. They looked over our shoulders with great interest during the cheese production and were extremely nice and sympathetic. This day of filming was a very great and unforgettable experience for us!

The CERVO Mountain Resort is a great customer for us! We were allowed to supply the Mountain Resort with our products from the very beginning. Our unique natural yogurt is an integral part of the hotel during the winter season. The Zermatt mountain cheese and the Mutschli can be found at CERVO all year round. Very many guests of the hotel also come directly to us to get some souvenirs for home. We appreciate the direct contact with them and are happy to welcome them again every year.

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