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Flüssiges Holz


Inspired by family tradition, two brothers embarked on an adventure in the beautiful mountain world of Zermatt. In search of the unique atmosphere and attempting to capture the scent of the forests, there is an opportunity once a year to harvest the fruits of the Swiss stone pine. The result is a limited number of bottles with a unique flavor. "Flüssiges Holz" (eng: Liquid wood) can be enjoyed neat or used as an ingredient in various cocktails.

Once upon a time, long ago, our uncle in Randa — a small mountain village near Zermatt — revived an old recipe for friends and family. Even today, in our vacation home, we fondly recall the times when he told us stories of collecting Swiss stone pine cones with resin-sticky hands after his visits to the forest.

The cones are the main ingredient of this unique spirit, and the tree exclusively grows in Europe. The Swiss stone pine grows very slowly and only forms cones in its treetops after 40 to 60 years.

For the survival of the Swiss stone pine, a specific yet simple process of nature is crucial — the food procurement and storage habits of the nutcracker. It is a songbird, and its distribution is found in coniferous trees in the northern part of the Eurasian continent.

Only once a year, there is a window of a few weeks to pick the ripe cones. Since harvesting is done in the wild, the trees are often on steep slopes. Another challenge is that the cones thrive exclusively in the upper third of the tree canopy. The cones are invariably harvested by hand.

In collaboration with Matter Spirits, a specialty distillery founded in 1920 — a family business still run in the fourth generation — we produce a limited number of bottles with a unique taste.

All stages of the value chain, all ingredients, the label, bottle, and packaging are produced in Switzerland.

Both family traditions and an understanding of local and sustainable components are highly valued and lived at CERVO. CERVO not only shares the appreciation for the highest quality but also the exclusivity and uniqueness that arise from the inspiring connection with nature. Therefore, we are proud to present this family product in such a unique hotel at the foot of the Matterhorn.

Tristan, one of the dedicated Green Ambassadors from CERVO, created the drink "Alpine Evergreen."

This drink creation takes your taste buds on an exciting journey through the forests of the Alps. The base of this refreshing drink consists of one part freshly squeezed lemons, giving the drink a revitalizing citrus note. However, the real uniqueness lies in the two parts of "Flüssiges Holz", which give the beverage an unmistakable forest nuance. Lemon balm and coriander-Sichuan pepper syrup are added to round off "Alpine Evergreen" with a harmonious combination of herbs, slight spiciness, and spices.

We warmly invite you to hotel CERVO to experience the authenticity and exclusivity of this unique product in the heart of its origin and to share with us the love for nature and local traditions.

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