A new way of thinking for a new way of working - that is our goal at CERVO. We are convinced that a pioneering spirit, innovation and passion are the driving forces behind change. Our aim is to actively participate in the cultural transformation process, discover untapped potential and promote both professional and personal growth. In doing so, we not only think locally, but also strive to have a sustainable impact beyond the borders of Zermatt.

At CERVO, we encourage and promote ambition and talent. Our employees benefit from special and individualised offers. They are the heart and foundation of our team and at the same time co-creators of the new CERVO mindset.

In this context, we would like to introduce you to our apprentice Xavier Lehner. The Zermatt native is currently working with us at the Madre Nostra restaurant and is completing his apprenticeship as a hotel & communications specialist. Xavier is also active in competitive sports. His sport - ski mountaineering. In February he took part in the Youth World Cup in Berchtesgaden, DE.

Find out more in an interview about Xavier and how he manages the balancing act between sport and work.

What brought you to CERVO? How do you like it?

I was looking for an apprenticeship that would allow me to combine my passion for competitive sport with my training as a hotel communications specialist. At CERVO, I have found exactly the right employer that allows me to complete a first-class apprenticeship and at the same time have the freedom to take time off, especially at weekends when races are taking place or I have training sessions.

How do you reconcile professional sport and teaching at CERVO? What does your everyday life, your week look like?

Thanks to my flexible working hours, I can train in the morning and then go to work. At the weekends, I usually have training sessions or competitions on my programme.

What excites you most about your sport?

The nature of the mountains has an irresistible attraction for me. When ski touring, I combine different skills and am constantly on the move. The special thing about ski touring is that I get to places that are inaccessible by ski lift. It's a unique experience that never ceases to fascinate me.

Do you see any similarities between your professional sport and your work at CERVO?

I enjoy the fact that I have plenty of opportunities to socialise with people, both in sport and during my training. I can live out my passion to the full in both areas: be it through endurance training on the piste or through concentrated work in the hotel industry, where stamina and endurance are required in equal measure.

What is your future path likely to look like, both professionally and in your leisure time/sport?

My ambition in sport is to continuously improve and achieve outstanding results. At the same time, I am currently very keen to gain as much valuable experience as possible during my apprenticeship and to complete it successfully.

We wish Xavier every success for the future!