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The cooperation between CERVO Mountain Resort and Biofarm commenced in 2020. Since then, our chefs have been passionate about conjuring up healthy, flavoursome dishes for our guests using Biofarm products. Almost all Biofarm products are available in large containers, which is very attractive to catering businesses. This saves costs and waste.

50 years of Biofarm – in 1972, farmers convinced of the importance of organic agriculture founded Biofarm as a farmers' self-help organisation. Their "sacred fire" still burns. For half a century, the canton of Bern cooperative has ensured that the pioneers' principles have been upheld across Switzerland.

Promoting organic agriculture: the founding members' beliefs still apply. The Kleindietwil, Bern-based cooperative brings variety to field and plate through its 600-plus organic farmers and 200 Bio Knospe-certified, own-brand Biofarm products. Since the beginning, it has provided a dedicated marketing platform for its members. It is also committed to fair prices throughout the supply chain and to high-quality products. This is how Werner Scheidegger, former founding member and inaugural President, summarises the core remit: "We are responsible for the environment and soil, and we are responsible for the products and the health of those that consume them."

Spread diversity with old and new

For many years, Biofarm specialists have been working with organic businesses, research teams and processing and retail partners to bring old, native and nutritionally valuable cultures such as millet, emmer wheat, flax and lentils back from oblivion. But the cooperative was and is also open to innovations. It is just as interested in little-known cultures and has initiated and followed up numerous cultivation trials, from Lake Constance to Lake Geneva, because the climate, technical possibilities and needs are changing, just like the times. It is thanks to the organic farmers' curiosity, willingness to experiment and take risks that quinoa, amaranth and chickpeas now grow in organic fields and it is possible to dispense with additional food miles until the food reaches the shop shelves. It is not unusual for them to be courageous trailblazers. They therefore also make an important contribution to protecting and promoting the dwindling variety of species in fields and orchards. By respecting mankind and nature, they are preserving an agricultural heritage that is necessary for life for subsequent generations.

Approaching the anniversary year on fine form

As one of the first organic organisations in Switzerland, Biofarm was a co-founder of today’s Bio Suisse umbrella organisation and the Knospe, or bud, certification mark in 1981. From the very start, its employees have actively contributed their expert knowledge and practical experience to various committees for the further development of Swiss organic farming as a whole.

Biofarm is on fine form for its anniversary year and is showing satisfactory growth in Swiss organic retailers. Organic farmer Hans-Ulrich Held, who has been the President and Chief Executive Officer since 2019, notes that "Our success is particularly pleasing in the light of our 50th anniversary. We owe it to our highly motivated employees and the dedication of our producer families, processing businesses and partner organisations. This should not be taken for granted in a rapidly changing market environment."

The cooperative is utilising a symbol that has several meanings with its "Füür & Flamme für den Biolandbau" anniversary motto. It is a reminder of a key event in the founding year, when the highly promising prototype of the weed burner for chemical-free weed removal demonstrated by the pioneers went up in flames at the public event. The young organic farmers' fervour had really caught alight. After 50 years, the logo represents exactly what their successors continue to burn for. 

The Biofarm cooperative looks forward to continued cooperation and wishes CERVO Zermatt all the best.

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