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Beyond Sustainability im CERVO


Being at home in a mountain region like Zermatt requires a close exchange with nature. CERVO is dedicated to a type of travel that is close to nature, authentic and conscious. Sustainability is the central factor underlying all decisions. On a large scale as well as on a small scale.

In an interview with our Sustainability Development Manager, you can learn more about our sustainability projects and the Green Ambassadors at CERVO.

Who are you and how long have you been working as Sustainability Development Manager at CERVO?

My name is Andreas Heinrich - you know me much more as Perry and I have been working as Sustainability Development Manager since May. (Johanna took over his position in June 2024)

What are your tasks?

My tasks include promoting sustainability projects and, above all, sustainable thinking, and also demanding it.

What projects has CERVO implemented to promote sustainable practices?

The biggest sustainability project at CERVO is the use of geothermal energy, through which we generate 52% to 46% of our energy from renewable sources and even run 100% hydropower plants.

Another important project is the "WIR" programme, where 10% of the revenue from the sale of water goes to support educational initiatives. In Kenya, a school has already been connected to a well, and work is underway on our own well project in India, more specifically in Andhra Pradesh.

To offset our CO2 emissions, we work closely with MyClimate, through which we offset overnight stays and meals with meat components.

Our sustainability efforts also extend to our rooms, where we implement zero-waste principles and use our own cosmetics line.

Finally, we are involved in the "MitMänsch" project, which recycles leftover candles to reduce waste and produce sustainable products.

How do you define sustainability in the context of CERVO?

In the context of CERVO, I would define sustainability as a healthy attitude towards life. As an attitude and a thought that you internalise. It is incredibly difficult, almost impossible, to achieve the balancing act between luxury and sustainability. It works very well here at CERVO because the greatest luxury we offer our guests is nature. And it is clear that this should be protected, and we want to make this contribution and pass on the sustainable idea to our guests, and we manage to do that. It is a very sustainable and also social thought and we pass this on to our guests as a way of life - and also to our staff.

What are CERVO's long-term sustainability goals?

- Own production, own food
- gradually banish the last plastic items from the range
- become more regional and seasonal as far as possible
- start our own social projects

What exactly is the Green Ambassadors all about? Tell us a little about it

The Green Ambassador programme is designed to give our employees the opportunity to actively participate in the development of sustainable projects as Green Guardians. It was important for us to select someone from each department who would then find and identify sustainable weak points in this area and act on them. Sustainability is one of the main pillars of CERVO Mountain Resort, so it is important to make it as omnipresent as possible. Through the programme, we go one step further and motivate the team to question established procedures and find more innovative solutions. Going one step further is what our Beyond Sustainability mindset is all about.

Max Cotting is the Culture & Experience Manager, is responsible for promoting indigenous integration at CERVO Mountain Resort.

Mirco Weiss, Head of Technology, is responsible for waste reduction and separation initiatives throughout the hotel.

Kevin Fraunholz, Front Office Agent, is responsible for talking to guests about their needs, promoting sustainable practices and responsible consumption.

Michaela Kaiser, Reservation & Junior Revenue Manager, is responsible for introducing sustainable practices in the office, focusing on waste reduction, energy efficiency and resource conservation.

Tristan Newman, Bar Manager, is responsible for sustainability initiatives in the hotel bar, emphasising responsible sourcing and waste reduction.

Tânia Sampaio, Team Leader Housekeeping, is responsible for sustainable thinking in the guests' rooms.