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From 23 March there will be a special menu from Tuesday to Sunday in collaboration with the restaurant Liza from Lebanon. Learn more in an interview about Liza, the founder of the restaurant, and Jean, the chef who will be at the Bazaar for two weeks.

Liza Soughayar, could you tell us about the history and genesis of LIZA? What was the inspiration for founding the restaurant?

Twenty-five years ago, my husband and I left our home in Lebanon due to the situation there and moved to Paris. Despite the distance, we always felt a longing for Lebanese cuisine. Out of this desire, the idea of ​​creating a restaurant that would reflect our love for Lebanon was born. We aimed to collaborate with the most talented emerging Lebanese designers to create a place that embodies the modern message of Lebanon in Paris. In designing the menu, we aimed to be creative. We reinterpreted traditional dishes, for example, refining hummus with green apples and preparing tabbouleh with green wheat instead of parsley to consider seasonal aspects.

What motivated you to enter into a partnership with the CERVO Mountain Resort?

After graduating from hotel school in Lausanne, I am very familiar with Switzerland. The beauty of Zermatt enchanted me, and the opportunity to host a pop-up here felt like a dream. I have been closely following the CERVO Hotel since the beginning. Through my close friend Milia, I met Benjamin Dietsche, General Manager, who knows Liza Beirut. He invited us to collaborate on this project together.

How would you describe the influence of Lebanese and French culture on the cuisine of LIZA?

We adopted Lebanese cuisine while incorporating our experience with French cooking techniques. Collaborating with French chefs provided us with valuable insights into food presentation. The lightness of some recipes and the French influence helped us achieve the desired result.

What makes Lebanese cuisine personally special and unique for you?

What I love is its generosity and the shared meals. It's a festive cuisine. Sharing food with others instantly improves the mood. You feel happy. Whether you're a vegetarian, vegan, or meat eater, everyone will always find their BONHEUR in the selection.

Why did you decide to open restaurants in Beirut and Paris, and how have these places influenced your culinary offerings?

Paris and Beirut are my two cities. I grew up in Beirut but have been living in Paris for 25 years. It's nice to host people whose culture you understand. I love both cities very much and am proud to be part of the culinary scene in both cities.

What are your personal favorite dishes on the LIZA menu, and why do you recommend them to our guests?

Definitely the Fatt Batinjane, which is on the LIZA X CERVO menu.

Jean Fares, how would you describe the culinary concept you developed for this collaboration?

The idea was to create a menu inspired by some Liza classics and in line with the philosophy of the Bazaar. Creating a menu inspired by Liza classics means combining traditional flavors with vegetable dishes to create a delicious culinary experience that appeals to both fans of classics and lovers of vegetable delights.

What special dishes or culinary experiences can guests expect during this time at the Bazaar?

The menu is a tasting menu with 8 dishes to share, with customers choosing a different main course. It will include a classic hummus with portobello and confit onions, our version of Babaghanouj, our iconic and umami roasted cauliflower with parmesan and parsley tahini. And for gourmets with a big appetite, the choice between two Liza classics, the eggplant mast or the slow-cooked lamb shank.

How do you manage to integrate Lebanese cuisine into the alpine environment of Zermatt?

Lebanese cuisine is versatile. The nature of our country ensures that our cuisine adapts to the beautiful mountains of Zermatt. Lebanon has very beautiful ski slopes, and Lebanese people love to eat something after skiing, which we will pick up in Zermatt.

What are your personal favorite dishes on the LIZA menu, and why do you recommend them to our guests?

The Hummus Portobello is certainly at the top of the list. The creaminess of the hummus, topped with the hot portobello and confit onions, is pure comfort food and warms our guests after a long day on the slopes.

The cheese rolls are also an absolute must. The richness of the feta paired with the khashkabal cheese and the crispiness of the brqique paper are a must.

Visit us at the Bazaar from March 23rd to April 7th to try the delicious menu.