Cervo, Beyond Culture

A Love Beyond Vol. II


On 23 September, our second annual festival "A LOVE BEYOND" will take place to round off our summer season at CERVO.

From the experience of the first festival in 2021, the concept of "A LOVE BEYOND" will be further refined, a constantly evolving community, a dialogue, a true family affair for artists, crew, hotel staff and guests alike, a true multi-disciplinary celebration. This year the focus will be on live music, immersive sound concerts, DJs, meditation, healing sound, yoga, macramé and natural dye workshops, tarot card reading, cooking demonstrations, herbal walks, sustainability panels, workshops.

Here's a little taste of what you can expect at this year's event:


Drawing upon the some of the truly magical moments of our festival last year, spontaneous live-music happenings popping up in cozy corners throughout the CERVO property, we are bringing a troupe of incredible live-music talent, artists delivering hybrid electronic-acoustic concerts, deft merging of old traditions of jazz piano, modern beat-making, and irresistible dance movements.

- Berliner wunderkind, Oliver Klosterman, melds effortless keyboard theatrics, deep electronic grooves, and sly improvisation for an altogether breathtaking concert format.

- Label owner, prodigious DJ, and accomplished producer, Franz Matthews will debut a completely new live electronic set, an enticing blend of disco and house sounds, a brilliant concoction of future-facing dance music.

- Le Petit Boum, a new duo consisting of musician-producers Jeremy Black and Smn Hrody making sophisticated, soothing, delicate pop contortions, live-improvised sessions with layers of sonic texture and emotion will bring a special concert to the rarefied confines of Ashram Spa Ritual Room.

- With an eye to involving the great live-music talent bubbling up in Kanton Valais, Curly Bird, Madstone, and Zermatt pop savants, La Ragash among others round out an incredible live music lineup.

The DJs

"A LOVE BEYOND" DJs present a party, a chill-out, an unforgettable journey with their combined music knowledge and experience for elevating any room with their special tunes and unstoppable energy.

- Croatian DJ legend, Eddy Ramich, a true innovator, veteran house-music progenitor brings his unmatched vibes for a not-to-be-missed special set on the Madre Nostra Terrace.

- CERVO residents, Hazy Pockets, Siobhan, and Cosmic Valley (Leukerbad) djs, Sharma & Spring are dedicated funk-soul-disco-house connoisseurs, packing their record bags full with dancefloor delights to be delivered throughout the weekend.

- For the late-night energy, tireless party-promoters and electronic music stalwarts, Valais Social bring their special brand of techno-leaning magic to "A LOVE BEYOND".

Workshops, Yoga & Wellness

Looking beyond the simple delights of great music, dance, and hearty celebrations, "A LOVE BEYOND" at its core, is a gathering for open-minds, learning, self-empowerment, and lasting discovery. With this central tenet in mind, the array of workshops, guest-practitioners, panel talks, and wellness activations aim to entice our guests into pushing beyond their normal habits and festival revery, to offer a platform for unearthing hidden strengths and spiritual growth.

- Design Hotels graciously joins the crew once again this year, hosting and curating panel discussions and with core themes of sustainability in food and restaurant culture, thoughtfulness, and holistic well-being.

- Swiss star chef and avid proponent of local, seasonal, biodynamic farming and sustainable agriculture Rebecca Clopath will host a cooking demonstration and reveal her powerful and tasty food philosophies for the culinary-inclined.

- Additionally, vegan-meat alternative producer Green Mountain will host a discussion about food futures and the culture of sustainability in gastronomy.

- For the festival attendee with an urge to get busy with their hands and learn new crafts, Zürich fiber and craft material community, Anna & Juan will host a dyeing workshop and discuss the use of natural elements in their artistic practices.

- While Berlin’s California Dreaming will deliver a unique macramé rope-knotting workshop with a meditative element for awakening the maker in you.

- ‘Female Leadership in Creative Fields’ panel discussion aims to highlight the incredible individuals and stories while jumpstarting some compelling dialogues with some of the women joining the festival community this year.

- Alisa Reimer, cultural scientist, yoga and meditation teacher and CERVO veteran guest-practitioner returns to bring a unique meditation sound-journey, to the wellness offering of the festival in addition to her much-beloved Tarot-Card reading sessions.

- Nature Walks by Out in the Forest, and full selection of yoga and meditation sessions hosted by the Mountain Ashram Spa rounds out a complete offering of spiritual-wellness disciplines for our "A LOVE BEYOND" guests. 

You can find the entire timetable and further information on our landing page.

Access to "A LOVE BEYOND" is also free of charge. Individual activities are subject to a fee (included for package bookers)