No Friends
On a Powder Day

Off Piste Action

There are not so many of those days but once the big snowfalls hit Zermatt there are a few spots which will make your off piste heart melt. Come with us and follow our tips for the best powder days in a stunning landscape.

Schwarzsee & Stafelalp

The easiest powder paradise to reach would be the area around Schwarzsee and Stafelalp. You can get there with the ski lifts and then rock your way throught the trees which makes the area also safer than others. If you need a short break the restaurant Stafelalp is right there to give you fresh fuel.


Rote Nase & Stockhorn

The yellow slopes and hidden gems around Rote Nase and Stockhorn are some of the most skied off piste faces you can find in Zermatt. Some are reachable with a ski lift, for others you need to put the skins on your skis or carry your them on your back for a while. But be careful, the area is very rocky and needs a lot of snow to not kill your precious skis or snowboard and to be really enjoyable.


Aeschihorn, Tête de Valpelline, Chateau des Dames

Last but not least there are some off piste treasures for which a mountain guide and a helicopter are needed. Treat yourself to a once in a lifetime experience and get in touch with Air Zermatt and the mountain guides from Zermatters to get to know more about these adventures.